4 Tips for Keeping the Weight Off During the Holidays

Workout SantaHere comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, sitting for his whole work shift and eating lots of cookies.

The holidays are filled with end of year parties, family gatherings, and a plethora of overindulgent food and drinks. So how can you make it through the holidays and not end up looking like old Saint Nick by January 1st? 

Here are some simple strategies for control at parties, while still having a good time:

1) Stay Hydrated

If you fill up on water first, you will be less likely to eat too much or drink too much. The water will have you feel full faster, but not stuffed. 

2) List your top 2-3 favorite treats and commit to having only those

Do you need to fill your plate to the very edges with unhealthy holiday treats? No. Odds are the parties you attend will have the same, common holiday foods. So come up with a list of your favorite items that will more than likely be available at the party, then eat only those. 

3) Portion size

There is no need to carve a piece of Roast Beast the size of your head, or to eat an entire Ginger Bread house by yourself. Try to limit your portions sizes to no bigger than your closed fist or even smaller. 

What about before or after parties?

If the weather outside is nice:

Gather your family or friends together for a walking tour of Christmas lights. There are so many amazing Christmas Light displays in neighborhoods. Commonly, people take tours driving by the houses. But you pass by so quickly. By walking passed each display, you can really take in the decorations and enjoy them.

If the weather outside is frightful:

In December, you may not always be able to be outside. 

Do you have a cold or drafty house? Instead of cranking the heat up further, do some squats or jog in place. Squats or jogging, anything that moves the legs, will get your blood pumping and naturally warm you up.

Or if you are stuck wrapping a mountain of presents, take a break after each finished gift. Do a mini-workout 10-15 squats, 10-15 push-ups, and 10-15 sit-ups. 

Building a workout into your holiday routine and being mindful of your intake at holiday parties will control what you have to work off when the new year rolls around. Be generous like Santa, don’t eat unhealthy food and sit around as Santa does on Christmas Eve.

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