4 Tips for Not Failing at your New Years Resolution

Have you set a fitness or weight loss goal for your 2019 New Years Resolution?

Eat healthier. Exercise more. Lose 20 pounds. Try a new fitness class. Did you set a similar goal for 2018, but eventually gave up? What do you think happened in the past, and how can you reach your goal in 2019?

Marketwatch has said that anywhere from 42%-92% of American’s New Years Resolutions end in failure. Most have been broken by the 2nd week of February. With rising obesity rates, it’s now more important than ever that Americans stick to their goals for the New Year. Here are a few tips to help keep up with your goal:

1) Exercise is not a license to eat whatever you want

It’s the first week of January and you made a resolution to exercise more. You hop on the treadmill and after your 60 minute workout, the treadmill says you have burned 500 calories. After all that hard work, you feel you deserve a reward right? So you drive through Chick-Fil-A and order a chicken sandwich. Good post-workout protein. Except that “good meal” is actually 450 calories, without fries or a drink. Still feel you deserve a reward?

The exercise itself is the true reward. Is that chicken sandwich really worth undoing your workout achievement? Your New Years Resolution is to exercise more. You started it during the first week of January, but there are still 51 weeks left in the year. The calories you burned during your workout are a step towards your overall goal, but not a freebie to indulge later.

2) The What-the-Hell effect

A 1998 study found that people who slip up on their goals will feel guilty. However, the guilt doesn’t strengthen a person’s resolve, they just turn to bad habits to feel better. “What-the-hell, I’ve already had a piece of cake and blown my diet. I can have another piece.” “What-the-hell, I missed my workout yesterday because of work. And today, I’m really tired. I can skip working out again.” 

Keep these things in mind, and don’t give into them. So you missed your workout yesterday, don’t skip today. Count yesterday as your rest day and hit it hard again today. Even if you are tired. Did you give in and indulged in that sweet treat? Ok, make up for it by actively choosing healthy options today. Slipping up on your goal doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. Use that slip up as a reminder about why you are putting in the effort to make better choices in the first place.

3) Give yourself a break

You ate that Chick-Fil-A sandwich, undoing your workout earlier in the day. You skipped a workout one day. It happens to everyone. However, don’t criticize or berate yourself. 

You may think that being hard on yourself will help you achieve your goals, but the opposite has proven to be true. “Self-Criticism is consistently associated with less motivation and worse self-control.”* Instead of being hard on yourself, be your biggest supporter. Tell yourself that if you slip up it was a cheat day or a rest day, and get back to working on your goal the next day. 

4) Reinvigorate your goals by trying something new

Has your goal been to lose weight for the last 5 years of New Years Resolutions? Do you feel like you are just trying the same old things, but not having any progress? Mix it up with something new!

Try a new fitness class or a piece of equipment you have never been on. Brickhouse Gym has 140 different fitness classes every month. Even if Zumba isn’t your thing, there are plenty of classes where you can learn new workout routines or get motivated from one of our highly energetic instructors. 

Have you never used dumbbells or are you intimidated by the squat rack? Trying new pieces of equipment can be exciting for you and reawaken muscles that have become bored with the same old exercises. If there is a piece of equipment you are avoiding because you are intimidated or unsure how to use it, consider one of our awesome personal trainers! They are very knowledgeable and can safely instruct you on how to use new machines or new exercises to try out.

New Equipment Coming to The Brickhouse Gym in 2019! 

Also in 2019, Brickhouse Gym will have brand new equipment to help with your resolution: 

  • S-Force Performance Trainer, a low impact, high-intensity athletic performance, and interval training machine.
  • ALB5x Lower Body Ascent Trainer has an integrated 3-speed personal fan and Premium footpads for comfort.
  • CX5 Climbmill with a Sweat Management System designed to track sweat away from you while you workout. 

And more great new equipment! Brickhouse Gym is a great place to start or get help with sticking to your New Years Resolutions. Come by today!

*(The Willpower Instinct, p. 148)

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