The History of Brickhouse Gym


Tim: Welcome to another edition of Brickhouse Gym Radio with Mike Jones. Mike, let’s talk a little bit today about the history of Brickhouse Gym, how did this gym get started?

Mike: Well, it started about 20-23 years ago in Coppell. When I was on the road, I couldn’t find a gym that would actually allow me to work for just the day unless it was a very high cost, and they seemed to be unfriendly, so I thought I could do a better job of this, so I opened a gym.

Tim: And then after you opened that one, you came to Denton.

Mike: Yeah, we opened the first one and then about a year later we came to Denton. Since then, we’ve had a 23-year relationship in the Denton area. We closed down the Coppell gym 8 or 9 years ago.

Tim: And so about that same time is when you actually moved out to the Unicorn Lake area with the facility that you have now, a spectacular facility with beautiful windows looking out on Unicorn Lake.

Mike: I should correct, it wasn’t 8 or 9 years ago, it was about 15 years ago. And 8 years ago we did open a gym on Unicorn Lake, and have been very happy with it, with the trail that goes all the way around it, and the activity of the nature, that you can look out the windows and see something besides pavement or other buildings.

Tim: And it sort of makes this gym different from a lot of other gyms.

Mike: When people come in, especially from out of town, they’re always amazed at the wall of windows that give you a picture frame view of the lake and the surroundings. We get kind of used to it, this time of year though with the sun going down a little bit and the horizon changing, some of the reflections coming off the lake are quite beautiful.

Tim: There’s also something else that separates this gym, and it has to do with the culture of the atmosphere. This is a place that is really friendly; it has a very family feel to it.

Mike: We think it does. I really like the people that work for me, and our members. I have members that have been with me for 23 years. They range from 16 years old all the way up into the 80s. And it is somewhat of a family atmosphere, however it’s still a gym and people come in here to work out.

Tim: So let’s talk about some of the features and benefits of The Brickhouse Gym. Let’s first of all talk about the different types of equipment that you have here.

Mike: We have a variety of equipment. I’ve been accumulating stuff for 20 years, and I still have some of my leg sleds are 20 years old and they are still the best on the market. So we are kind of eclectic, we’ve been able to pick up new stuff that we like, and we keep the old stuff that just doesn’t seem to date itself. As far as the stair masters and treadmills and the cardio area, that’s pretty standard anywhere. In our aerobics room, you know the three things that get people into shape are some sort of exercise, rest, and diet, and we have the things that get you into shape when it’s the exercise part.

Tim: And your cardio areas are one of those areas that benefit from those windows because they all look out on the lake.

Mike: The cardio is the closest thing to the windows, so nobody is unable to see the lake if they just want to do their cardio and look at nature, they can. And it seems to be very relaxing.

Tim: The other part of this, you mentioned the aerobics room, the group exercise classes that you have with Zumba and other types of group exercises, are a great way to get started.

Mike: We do have right at 74 classes every two weeks it seems. And there is a variety. There’s not only Zumba, but there’s yoga, Pilates, total body fitness, total body conditioning; we have a variety. And you know, that seems to be for the groups, they love it, because it is a group activity.

Tim: And all of that comes with your membership.

Mike: Yes, we don’t have any extras. Childcare is part of the membership; all the aerobics classes are part of the membership. We try to keep it pretty simple, that’s the way it’s been since we opened up.

Tim: The one other thing that is available to anyone who wants it is personal training.

Mike: Personal training is available. All my trainers are independent contractors. We have ten or eleven trainers here, and they seem to be doing pretty well. They set their own price and we have a variety of female and male.

Tim: So if someone wants to set up some personal training, what’s the process that they should go through? Who should they talk to?

Mike: They can talk to any one of the trainers, or myself. Typically if they’re new to the gym, I suggest that they do their cardio, spend a couple of weeks just getting used to their surroundings, and they can see some of the trainers work because they are personal trainers. And that will give them an opportunity to maybe find one that they think they’d be happy with. If they want a suggestion from me, depending on what their needs are, we have the ability to steer in them in the direction they need to go.

Tim: All right this has been another edition of Brickhouse Gym Radio.

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