Meet Our Personal Trainers: Dr. Quin Skains

Name: Dr. Quin Skains

Quin Skains

My Family: Wife- Laura, Daughter- Lyle, Son-in-law- Paul, Son- Tres, Dogs- Macy, Junebug, Pinky

My Hobbies: Weight Training, Gardening, Travel

Most Interesting thing I have ever done: Get Married

What I like best about this job: Freedom

What makes Brickhouse different from other gyms: Low Pressure

Favorite Exercise: Romanian Deadlift

Favorite Sports: Football and Baseball

Favorite Athlete: Bob Lilly

Favorite Food: Lobster

Favorite Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Favorite Song: Stairway to Heaven

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin/ Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Movie: Tombstone

Favorite TV show: Vikings

Favorite Quote: “Never say can’t; say I don’t yet know how.” – My Dad

Favorite Book: The Bible

Dream Vacation: Home

The Brickhouse Gym