Fat Loss and Muscle Gain part 3

Those last 10 lbs. Or targeting fat loss areas.

girls on treadmillsThe last 10 lbs seem to be the hardest to lose. Extra weight at the mid-section is the last to go away. As frustrating as it can be to reach the finish line on a weight loss journey, there is a very good reason that the body retains those last few pounds around the stomach and hips.

You gain fat in the mid-section and then it moves to the extremities. As you lose fat, it works in reverse. The hardest places to lose those last 10 lbs are around the hips and abdomen. Biologically, fat surrounds the vital organs to protect them from drought, famine, or freeze first. The extremities are not as important to protect as the vital organs are to survival. However, few of us are in this survival mode, so it ends up just being frustrating to lose those last few pounds. Just remember: that frustration is for a very important biological reason.

Previous blogs, The Science of Adding Muscle and Losing Fat and Why am I not reaching my goals? have mentioned how gaining muscle will help speed up how quickly you lose fat, Doing sit ups will strengthen the abdominal muscles. Doing squats will strengthen the quads, hamstrings, and glute muscles. However, sit ups will not directly cause you to lose fat around the stomach and squats will not directly cause you to lose fat around the hips.

As frustrating as it can be, your best bet to lose the last 10 lbs is just to stay diligent and don’t give up. It will take time, but it will happen. Just eat right and stay active, then one day you will reach your goal.

If you are still struggling to your achieve your goal, come talk to us at The Brickhouse Gym. We have many qualified professionals that can help or give suggestions on ways to change up what you’re doing to see better results.

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