February is American Heart Month

Healthy heartFebruary is American Heart Month. While the heart has been studied for centuries, the link between exercise and heart strength is relatively new. In 1967, Kenneth Cooper published Aerobics, forever changing how people thought about cardiovascular exercise. Prior to this, scientists had studied ways to improve cardiovascular strength and make people healthier overall. 

The general public hardly understood the concept of improving the cardiovascular system. The word Aerobic would never have been used or understood in general conversation, because it is a scientific term for any chemical reaction involving oxygen. People knew that running, swimming, and biking were good things to do, but there was not a clear reason as to why.

After extensive research, Dr. Cooper identified the powerful link between a strong heart and preventing illness. When he published Aerobics, the link between being healthy and cardiovascular exercise could be comprehended by the general public. At The Brickhouse Gym, we offer group exercise class every day that will improve your cardiovascular health and any level of fitness can participate.

Zumba is an energetic and fun aerobic dance class combining merengue, salsa, cumbia and samba dance styles. It was started when the founder, Alberto “Beto” Perez arrived to teach his aerobics class without the music he needed. Out of necessity, he used a Latin CD he happened to have in the car. And thus, Zumba was born.

Spin and Cycle classes are a great, low impact cardio class. It takes most of the pressure off your joints while still giving you a serious burn in the leg muscles. 

Tabata is a high intensity aerobic workout that can be adapted to weight lifting, cardio, or even body weight exercises. It originated as a way to improve the cardiovascular strength and stamina of Olympic Speedskaters. Today, it is used to strengthen athletes of any sport or someone just wanting a challenging, High Intensity workout.

The Brickhouse Gym is proud to recognize that February is American Heart Month. We can help you improve you cardiovascular strength throughout the year. We offer some of the group fitness classes mentioned above every day of the week and many more options for working out. Come see us today and become healthier overall!

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