Meet our Personal Trainers: Hannah Jo Clark

Hannah ClarkName: Hannah Jo Clark

My Family: My Beautiful Mother, Stepfather, 3 amazing sisters, Matt (my father), and Mr. Rogue, my crazy puppy.

My Hobbies: Strength Training,  cooking, movies, reading

Most Interesting thing I have ever done: Losing over 50lbs, was for sure an interesting journey.

What I like best about this job: Hands down the people.

What makes Brickhouse different from other gyms: The Family feeling and the diversity of the members, staff, and equipment.

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts and Lunges

Favorite Sport: I have never been a “sports person” to watch, but if I were to play, it would be softball or volleyball

Favorite Athlete: I don’t keep up with a lot of athletes, but I would have to say I loved following Gymnast Shawn Johnson during the Olympics. She was so fun, graceful, and strong! You can’t not love that combo

Favorite Food: Honestly, Pancakes HA!

Favorite Restaurant: Blue Ginger, nothing like a fresh sushi roll

Favorite Movie: Ever After (definite chick flick)

Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Musician: Michael Buble

Favorite Song: Walking on Sunshine

Favorite Quote: “Laugh as much as you breath, love as long as you live”

Favorite Book: Just Desserts

Dream Vacation: Europe with Johannes

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