Meet Our Personal Trainers: Katie (Tweto) Redding

Name: Katie (Tweto) ReddingKaty Redding

Family: Hubby, Dan, Maria (15), Bodi (13),  Skye (9), Mollia and Chopper (dogs), and Miss Lilly (pig)

My Hobbies: Boxing, Sewing, tending to my yard/gardening, or Running

Most Interesting thing I have ever done: Lived in Australia for a year, Climbed Mt. St. Helens

What I like best about this job: Interacting with smiling faces everyday!

What makes Brickhouse different from other gyms: It’s awesome members and stellar stuff

Favorite Exercise: Pull ups or Lunges

Favorite Sports: Hockey, Basketball, Track and Field, Softball, or volleyball

Favorite Athlete: Mary Lou Retton, Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris

Favorite Food: Oreos dunked in coffee, Marganta, Chips and Salsa, or Fruit pizza

Favorite Song: Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, Glory Glory Hallelujah, or The Holy City

Favorite Musician: Neil Diamond, George Straight, or Avicii

Favorite Movie: Star Wars or Harry Potter

Favorite TV show: I don’t watch TV- too much or life to conquer!

Favorite Quote: “Those who are friends on the ground of virtue are anxious to do well by each other.” – Aristotle

Favorite Book: Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Dream Vacation: No where right now, but down the road to go see my family

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